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Driver's Edge Irving

Valley Ranch Auto Repair
8450 N. MacArthur BLVD
Irving, TX 75063
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  • 8450 N. MacArthur BLVD
    IrvingTX 75063
  • 972-444-9855
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Auto Repair & Oil Change Valley Ranch

Driver’s Edge Irving Valley Ranch is one of the few remaining a full-service auto repair facilities in the area. Driver’s Edge has continually grown and improved to better serve our Clients. Our desire is to cultivate a continued relationship with you , your family, and your friends, meeting all your vehicles needs.We desire to produce more than just a satisfied customer we desire to produce loyal Clients who cannot imagine a world without Driver’s Edge.

Auto Services offered at Irving Driver’s Edge include:

  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Texas State Inspections
  • Diagnostic Service
  • Transmission Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • 30,000 Mile Maintenance
  • 60,000 Mile Maintenance
  • 90,000 Mile Maintenance
  • Engine Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Wheel Alignment Service
  • Air Filter Change
  • Timing Belt Repair
  • Serpentine Belt Repair
  • General Auto Repairs
  • and More

Looking for an Oil Change Coupon: Schedule an appointment today.

At Driver’s Edge in Valley Ranch – Irving – Las Colinas we think of your oil change and lube as a protection of your investment.  It is not just a “drain and fill” of your oil and a filter replacement.  It is an opportunity to let your trusted technician, “mechanics”, check the health of your vehicle.  If done consistently, it helps to keep you informed of needed repair…now or in the future. It’s another way we like to help you save money over the life of your vehicle.

Oil Change Includes:

  • Transmission Fluid Check
  • Coolant Fluid Check
  • Brake Fluid Check
  • Power Steering Fluid Check
  • Battery & Tire Check
  • Fuel & Air Intake check
  • Belts & Hoses Check
  • Air, Fuel, & Cabin Filters Checked

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Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 871 reviews.

Written on: 18th Aug 2018 (5 Stars)

Excellent customer service, quality work, vehicle inspection completed in a timely manner.

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Written on: 18th Aug 2018 (5 Stars)

Well my car works good as new, and the team did everything they could to help me

5 5 1

Written on: 17th Aug 2018 (5 Stars)

The technician not only explain to me the issues with my car he actually showed me. The mechanics were also very friendly.

5 5 1

Written on: 26th Jul 2018 (5 Stars)

Great service and they are honest...if they don't find a problem, they won't charge you!

5 5 1

Written on: 14th Jul 2018 (5 Stars)

A tool broke that caused my oils change to take like beer than normal. The guys rushed to finish nd a replacement at all the local auto shops and gave me the oil change free for my wait. Great work and friendly service.

5 5 1

Written on: 3rd Jul 2018 (5 Stars)

The GM came and introduced himself and shook my hand. When I left after my very fast oil change, the GM walked me out to my car, opened my door and thanked me for coming in. I will definitely be going back for all my car maintenance needs!

5 5 1

Written on: 19th Jun 2018 (5 Stars)

Vehicle inspection

5 5 1

Written on: 19th May 2018 (5 Stars)

My inspection was done within 30 min and I was notified by text message which was pretty convenient.

5 5 1

Written on: 8th May 2018 (5 Stars)

I had an alignment and inspection completed and it was done in under 40 min by a helpful staff with a friendly attitude. They also explained to me what part of the alignment was out and that it was very typical to affect gas mileage and tire tread.

5 5 1

Written on: 5th May 2018 (5 Stars)

The staff was attentive and kind. I made an appointment. They honored it, serviced my car, and I was happily on my way in well less than an hour.

5 5 1
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